Frequently Asked Questions

We give you the magic wand that lets you create stunning presentations, resume that stand out and reports and infographics that tell the complete story, smartly.

Save it on your dashboard or download and share. ZeroByOne lets you stand out and be remembered.

The entire purpose of ZeroByOne is to let you create stunning, beautiful and smart visuals and present to the world. Our templates are individually made to focus on giving you unique choices to make.

However, there is one thing we take pride in; our customer service. Yes. We want to treat you like a customer. Not like a piece of data. We offer real and smart solutions which you can use to create beautiful and smart official documents.

We want you to enjoy using what we offer. There is truly nothing more important to us than you. If there’s anything you’d like us to improve upon, do let us know here.

We want to offer you a very personal and unique experience doing simply what we offer to do. We do not want to collect data and then spam you with tons of digital garbage.

To be able to give a simple, effective and beautiful experience to you, we need your help to pay our bills!

You can pay using your credit card or debit card through our secure, 256-bit encryption based payment gateway. We’ll take you through the simple process when you make a purchase.

When you subscribe to the Monthly – Premium or the Annual Subscription, your downloads will not have the watermarks on them. Go here to upgrade to our premium plans.

Yes! You can access your files by downloading them onto your system or an external hard drive. Your projects are always safe on your dashboard and ready to be downloaded when you need. Just log on to your ZeroByOne account from any system.

We are working to bring that feature on so you can directly use your files from the dashboard and make presentations. Please give us some time!

When you subscribe to the annual plans, you can have your team members sign up and get invited to work on projects you invite them for. Once they accept your invite, they can make changes to the project with you and get things done. Faster.

Just choose a template and create what you like. Then invite your team members to make changes and add their ideas to the project. Once that is done, just download and use your file.

The downloaded files will be in PDF friendly format (.pdf) to ensure the visual quality of your files are perfect.

We went out and asked our creative friends to make some really gorgeous, smart and beautiful templates for you to work on. These templates were then painstakingly created with love over long nights and their artistic creativity. Initially they wanted a unicorn in return and you know it is so hard to find one!

When you want to create a presentation or a report and you’re working in a team, it is a hassle to coordinate with your team to get the perfect report ready.

To avoid this hassle, you can invite your team members to project(s) and have them work on these projects, make changes and save a single copy for all invited team members to review and update further.

Once your team has done the work, you can download the file and use it.

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